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Join Us In Brentwood Today For The Best Kids Martial Arts Classes Around!

At Collette Martial Arts, we’re proud to provide students across Brentwood with high-energy classes and tons of support. Our Kids Martial Arts program is broken down into age-specific classes that surround students with classmates of a similar skill level and gives them the best chance to thrive.

Come see us today and check out everything we have to offer. We are a family-friendly facility that is committed to the highest quality instruction possible.

Our Kids Martial Arts Program Has Something For Every Child In Brentwood

We know that every student learns differently. They all have different interests, different skill sets, and different motivations.

That’s why we break our Kids Martial Arts classes into age-specific segments that allow us to work in a small group setting and give every child individual attention.

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Brentwood include:

In this program, we focus on the “soft skills,” helping our students learn the basics of respect, discipline, and focus. We introduce fundamental martial arts movements in a safe and supervised environment and help build their balance and coordination one class at a time. We’ve been teaching Pre-school and Kindergarten age kids in our Little Ninjas class for over a decade and have developed a special curriculum and style just for them! They learn REAL Martial Arts, develop coordination and confidence, social skills and athleticism, all while having fun!

Our high-energy Juniors program focuses more on the aspects of self-defense and bully prevention. We teach effective forms of self-defense in a controlled environment and begin to introduce sport karate skills and competition forms. This program is a great way to keep your child active and motivated week after week.

This is a quarterly free seminar that is taught over a period of 4 days and focuses on bully prevention. Not just defense against bullies, but also how to help stamp out bullying in your child’s school by identifying bullies, diffusing situations, and being accepting of others who may be the targets of bullies.  Contact us for information on the next upcoming NO BULL BOOTCAMP.

In All Of Our Kids Martial Arts Classes, We're Teaching Students Valuable Life Skills

We take pride in the high-quality martial arts training that we offer. But we also make it a priority to build well-rounded students who can do so much more than just punch and kick.

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes build students up with important character traits that will serve them for years to come. In each program, we’re working hard to help your child take on mental, social, and emotional skills like never before.

Join us at Collette Martial Arts in Brentwood and treat your child to:

  • Leadership and teamwork skills
  • Communication and conflict resolution strategies
  • Incredible perseverance and dedication
  • Unwavering self-confidence in all aspects of life

Try It Out Today! Our Kids Martial Arts Classes In Brentwood Can Help Your Child Thrive!

Give your child an exciting way to stay active and meet new friends! At Collette Martial Arts in Brentwood, we’re proud to work with students of all ages and backgrounds.

Come see us today or learn more about our Kids Martial Arts Classes now by simply filling out the short form on your screen!

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