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  • This is an excellent way to get Physical Education, group activities, and learn self-defense all at the same time. But; while the physical and social aspects are obvious, did you realize you will also get a healthy helping of Martial Arts History as well?

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  • At Collette's Martial Arts, our Professional Instructors are child success coaches.  Using our proven curriculum, we help develop happy, confident, physically and socially fit children.  If you want a total system that maximizes the physical and mental skills of self-defense, you’ll find it at Collette's Martial Arts.

    Coordination, balance, focus, respect, responsibility, and self-control.  You know your child can be a leader, and we will give them the head-start they need to get there.  

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  • It does not matter your level of fitness, skill, or age - at Collette's Martial Arts, we can help you define and achieve your goals.  Whether you set your sights on becoming more fit, meeting new people, competing, self-defense, or some combination of those things - we will get you there.

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    To be the best

    You must surround yourself with the best.

    Learn How Martial Artis Skills Can Give YOU or YOUR Child The Focus, Confidence, Self-Discipline and Athletic Skills To Be A LEADER Not A Follower! Martial Arts Classes where you can learn Self Defense, Sport Karate, and Weapons. At Collette's Kajukenbo Self-Defense, we not only teach Martial Arts, we also bring out the best in you or YOUR CHILD. Competiveness without nastiness, compassion without weakness, and self-confidence without cockiness. YOU and YOUR CHILD deserve to BE THE BEST.

  • "Seems to really connect with kids. Has been practicing martial arts for several years and was teaching karate to "at risk" kids out of his garage until the classes became too large for his limited space. not saying he is against money but believe his true aim is to mentor kids into becoming responsible adults. Has a great relationship with hands-on parents and prefers family participation where possible. Reasonable price structure and won't rake one across the coals."
  • 1. Create Distance; at an angle – when you are paired off, you bow to the instructor and then your partner.  As soon as that is done, most people get on guard.  Get on guard – and then take another huge step back to either 7 or 5 o clock.  You do this so there is a massive distance between [...]

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